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Avatar: The Last Airbender — Leaves From The Vine

"Happy Birthday my son. If only I could have helped you."

"Leaves from the vine, falling so slow.
Like fragile, tiny shells,
Drifting in the foam.
Little soldier boy, come marching home.
Brave soldier boy, comes marching home.”


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anybody have the song rumors by lindsay lohan in their itunes? if so post it and tell me


made some new friends


made some new friends

"anythings a dildo if youre brave enough" echoes in the distance

"anythings a dildo if youre brave enough" echoes in the distance

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gasiantbh said: orange

Six Facts About My Hometown



2. image









Anonymous said: Yellow & gray

Yellow- already answered

Gray: Two facts about my favorite things

1. I’m about halfway through paying off my car (a 2012 silver Jetta) it’s really pretty and I love it

2. My tumblr account is one of my favorite things lets be honest…because of it, I have grown to know and be friends with some of the most awesome people, I feel like I have been able to grow as a person, and it helped me sort through all my gay feelings and confusion back in 2012—tumblr made it a lot easier for me to be comfortable with myself and be confident enough to come out as a gay man. without the help of beefjorky/yaoitubes/republicannot/ fatprofessor/molestres/gymleaderkyle, I don’t know where I’d be :)

psyducked said: We’re twins, hot gay Kyles that are 6’1”

Kyle dont sell yourself short you are 6’2 and that is a gift

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Blue - already answered

Yellow: 7 Facts About My Childhood

1. I was such a gay little kid, I don’t know how I surprised anybody when I came out

2. I wanted to be a zookeeper and I dont know where i went wrong

3. I was a published children’s book illustrator at the age of 16. The book is called Mud Monsters

4. I read all 54 books of the Animorphs series plus the side stories (megamorphs etc) rachel and cassie were my faves btw

5. I got enough scholarships in high school and worked my way through college and have exactly $0 in student loans

6. I recycle to this day because of Captain Planet

7. I played trumpet for 7 years, marched for 4, was section leader for 2

Red: 5 Facts About My Bestfriend

1. My best friend is an architect

2. He came out to me as bisexual after I came out

3. My friend shares my interest in K-Pop (I don’t give him new music as much anymore because he lives in Atlanta now)

4. He follows me on here and its weird sometimes because i frequently post lots of mildly suggestive photos of myself 

5. We’re going to live in the same city again one day, we just have to gain professional experience where we can get it first :)

billiamswheatdown said:YOU’RE 6’1” WHAT THE FUCK KYLE

how short did you think i was? less than 6?

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